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Six patient silhouettes with different colored pills inside each head

A Personalized Approach Could Help To Tackle the Global AMR Crisis

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is threatening the effective treatment and prevention of a wide range of infections, with serious potential consequences for health and the economy. We spoke to Dr. Alaa Riezk, research associate at the Centre for Antimicrobial Optimisation (CAMO), Imperial College London, about the problem of usage and dosage of antimicrobials and AMR and how he and the team are working to address it.
Conical flask shape made from greenery.

Integrating Sustainability Into the Lab With Martin Farley

Martin Farley, sustainable research adviser at UCL and director of Green Lab Associates, was invited to Technology Networks’ Ask Me Anything session to answer your questions about the future of sustainability in research and laboratory practices.
Blue DNA double helix on a blue and yellow background.

Answers to Unsolved Rare Disease Mysteries May Be on the Horizon

In this opinion piece, Neil Ward explores how advances in sequencing could help to provide new insights for rare disease patients.


Biologic Production and Host Cell Proteins

Host cell proteins can prove problematic for the development of novel biopharmaceuticals. This article will highlight some of the latest advances in host cell analysis strategies and how they are being implemented.
Spider web on a black background.

Unraveling the Secrets of Spider Silk

Spider silk is a remarkable material, offering high tensile strength and natural elasticity. In this article, learn how a group of scientists are currently exploring its untapped potential in medical and materials science.
An artist's sketch of a plague.

What Are We Still Learning About Ancient Pathogens and Diseases?

Insight into the history of human–pathogen interactions, how different societies responded to disease and the origin of pathogens supports our understanding of human health and evolution. We explore what we're still learning about ancient pathogens and diseases.
Floating cancer cells.

Four New AML Studies Funded by Leukaemia UK

Leukaemia UK recently announced that it will channel £600,000 into four new AML research projects. Technology Networks spoke to Kate Nash, research communications manager at Leukaemia UK, to learn more about the innovative research projects aiming to improve the treatment of AML.
Oversized syringe containing a vaccine being injected into the world.

Next-Gen mRNA Technology: A Crucial Pandemic Preparedness Tool

Drew Burch discusses how next-gen mRNA technology is one of the most valuable tools to combat and control disease outbreaks and why continued investment in this field is crucial for maintaining our pandemic preparedness.
Silhouette of a human surrounded by health symbols.

The Future of Digital Health With Professor Michael Snyder

Professor Michael Snyder performed the first longitudinal detailed integrative personal omics profile and used this to assess disease risk and monitor disease states. Technology Networks invited Snyder to an Ask Me Anything session to answer your questions about the future of digital health.

A psychedelic pulse.

The Pulse: Psychedelic News From Technology Networks Issue 7

Hello and welcome to the Pulse, the monthly psychedelics industry roundup from Technology Networks and Analytical Cannabis. Here, we’ll highlight some of the most significant psychedelic industry news from the past month, including important announcements, pre-clinical work and the latest from groundbreaking psychedelic clinical trials.