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A close up of someone holding the pill sized device in their fingers.

Novel Pill-Sized Device Can Monitor Breathing From the Gut

Scientists have developed an ingestible device that can safely monitor vital signs like breathing and heart rate from inside humans. The tool has the potential to provide accessible and convenient care for people at risk of opioid overdose.
Two firefighters spraying foam and water at a training fire.

Most Americans Are Oblivious to “Forever Chemicals” and Their Risks

Scientists conducting the first generalized US study on public awareness of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, found most Americans do not know what the substances are or have knowledge of any potential associated risks.
Like a flower to a bee

Bumblebees Can’t Taste Pesticides in Their Nectar

In a behavioral experiment, bees consumed the same amount of food, regardless of whether the solution contained pesticides or not, even when the pesticides were at concentrations high enough to “make the bees very ill.”
A woman's sleeping in a bed with grey sheets.

Obesity Linked to Burning Less Energy During Daytime

A new study has shown that body weight significantly impacts the timing and manner in which the human body burns energy. This research could offer new insights into understanding and managing obesity.
A picture of vitamins.

Vitamin B12 Boosts Cell Reprogramming Efficiency

Researchers at IRB Barcelona discover that vitamin B12 significantly boosts the efficiency of cellular reprogramming, thus holding promise for regenerative medicine.
Human microglia implanted in the hippocampus region of the brain of a mouse.

Mutant Immune Cells in the Brain Heighten Alzheimer's Risk

A new MIT study finds that microglia with mutant TREM2 protein reduce brain circuit connections, promote inflammation and contribute to Alzheimer’s pathology in other ways.
A close up of a pregnant woman holding her bump.

Maternal Stress During Pregnancy Shows Small Link to Kids' Behavioral Problems

Children whose mothers are highly stressed, anxious or depressed during pregnancy may be at higher risk for mental health and behavior issues during their childhood and teen years.
A plastic model of a brain and a brain cell.

Gene Expression Link to Suicide Explored

Suicidal behavior is driven by a mix of psychological, social and biological factors. New research has identified overactive inflammation and loss of critical protection mechanisms in the brain as potential contributors to suicide risk.
Two squares of biofilm material.

Flexible Antibacterial Material Could Be Prevent Infection With Internal Medical Devices

Researchers have developed an effective and flexible antimicrobial material that could be used to coat medical devices placed inside the body, helping to prevent infection without drugs.
A battery standing on its end.

Common Cosmetic Ingredient Helps Protect Batteries From Early Failure

A common ingredient in cosmetics – xanthan gum – has been harnessed to create a protective shield for battery electrodes, helping protect them from early failure.