Adoption Plan

We are a home study approved couple. A home study is a document prepared by a social worker that examines our life and preparedness for being adoptive parents. It includes crimal background checks, finances, health, and personal relationships. Our home study was approved in March of 2019.

An adoption plan involves a mother or couple making arrangments for their child to be raised by someone else. Birth parents choose the adoptive parents for their child. Once a child is adopted, they become a full and permanent legal member of the adoptive family. This does not mean birth parents have no contact with the child. In our home study, we indicated that we are hoping for an open adoption.

An open adoption is a form of adoption in which the child maintains contact with birth parents after the adoption has taken place. This is referred to as “openness,” and there are varying degrees and forms of openness. Some families exchange photos and letters, some families have video chats, and other families like to meet up for lunch. Birth mothers and fathers decide how much openness they would like and this becomes part of the adoption plan.

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